Occupational Therapist

Posted: Continuous 2012-04-06
Available: 2012-2013 School Year Closes: Open Until Filled
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Job Description:

The occupational therapist leads the process in development, implementation, and coordination of the occupational therapy program in District 81.  Screening, evaluation, educational program, therapeutic intervention, and exit planning is provided for students identified with or suspected of having disabilities that interfere with their ability to function throughout the school day.  Professional judgment and clinical knowledge are used to develop individualized programming based on occupational performance deficits in the areas of personal care, student role, interaction skills, process skills, play, community integration, and graphic communication. The occupational therapist regularly collaborates with other disciplines such as general education teachers, special education teachers, social workers, psychologists, music therapist, modified physical education teacher, art therapist, speech/language pathologist and support staff.  The occupational therapist must feel comfortable working with students with a variety of needs.  The district has an Autism program, a low incidence program and inclusion programming.


Required Skills:

•            Ability to participate collaboratively with multi-disciplinary educational teams to develop Individualized Education Programs to meet student needs.

•            Ability to collaborate with general education staff to provide supportive intervention strategies for students using a Response to Intervention model.

•            Ability to gather and assess program evaluation data and use to modify services at the programmatic level.

•            Ability to maintain current reporting, documentation, scheduling, and billing in accordance with professional standards, state and local guidelines, and reimbursement requirements.

•            Ability to determine the need for an occupational therapy evaluation and to select and administer appropriate assessment tools to evaluate the student.

•            Ability to interpret the evaluation data and write a comprehensive report that reflects strengths and barriers to student's participation and occupational performance.

•            Ability to develop sensory diets.

•            Ability to adapt and modify environments, equipment, and materials including assistive technology.

•            Ability to use professional literature, evidence based research, and continuing education content to make practice decisions.

•            Skill in effective oral and written communication.

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