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Substitute Teacher

Posted: Continuous 2011-03-10
System wide


·          Maintains a safe work environment to prevent injury to the students by instructing and monitoring student behavior

·          Makes sure that students get on correct bus by reviewing student's Agenda for bus number and any special notes and leading students to the bus.

·          Communicates lesson requirements to students by establishing clear objectives for all lessons, units, and projects.

·          Completes Attendance Form by calling roll and recording present or absent.

·          Determines what material to cover, daily agenda and any special circumstances to be aware of by reading notes left from "regular" teacher.

·          Instructs lesson plans left by teacher through lectures, discussions, and demonstrations.

·          Keeps student's attention by adapting teaching methods and instructional materials to meet students' varying needs.

·          Maintains an orderly classroom by enforcing administration policies and rules governing students.

·          Monitors students by observing performance, behavior and physical health and reports any problems.

·          Monitors transition of students from one room to another by standing in the hall and observing students actions.

·          Signs in and out on form or computer as the school requires.

·          Prepares classroom for class activities by reviewing notes left from teacher and gathering required materials.

·          Provides students with opportunities to observe, question, and investigate by conducting activities for a balanced program of instruction, demonstration, and work time.

·          Supplements presentations by using computers, audio-visual aids, and other equipment and materials.

·          Maintains and improves professional competence by attending professional meetings and training workshops.

·          Promotes physical, mental, and social development by organizing and leading activities such as games, arts and crafts, music, and storytelling.

·          Provides restroom breaks for students by lining students up, performing a head count and leading to the restrooms for younger students and by providing a pass for older students.

·          Reviews students work by providing answers for class work and homework.

·           Updates teacher of the day's activities by writing notes on items such as performance, students' behavior, material covered, etc.

·          Manages work schedule using AESOP system to find and accept available jobs.


Minimum Qualifications :

Must have Bachelor's Degree

Must complete online Job Fit Survey


Application Process:

Complete the on-line application & Job Fit Survey

Upload  transcripts/certificate

Two Professional Reference required - if you provide email addresses for your references, then forms will automatically be emailed to them.  If you have not provided email addresses, then you must print reference forms and give them to your reference to complete. (See attachment near the top of this posting.) 


When your application packet is complete:

You must be fingerprinted ($38 fee); two forms of identification will be required 


Substitute Teacher Work Hours: 

Subs work seven (7.5) hours per day for a full-day assignment and 3hrs and 45 minutes for half-day assignment.

Official work hours are:


                Elementary Schools                        7:40 - 3:10 (no duty free lunch)

                Middle Schools                              8:10 - 4:10 (with a 30 minute lunch)

                High Schools                                  7:25 - 3:25 (with a 30 minute lunch)


                 Half Day Schedule                           Half Day AM                                       Half Day PM

                Elementary Schools                       7:40 - 11:25                                        11:25 - 3:10

                Middle Schools                             8:10 - 11:55                                        12:25 - 4:10

                High Schools                                 7:25 - 11:10                                          11:40 - 3:25                                       




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