Instructional Aides

Posted: Continuous 2011-09-23
Available: 09/01/2011

 Instructional Aides


     (4 .5 hrs./day - 22.5 hrs./week)



 Hours :  8:30--1:00pm






SALARY:                                  As determined by current labor agreements and/or

                                    Board approved salary for new hires and hourly employees,

                                    as applicable.


                                                External Applicants: $15.88/hr.

                                                                                 Internal Applicants: $17.50/hr. 


EFFECTIVE DATE:                       September 1, 2011—June 30, 2012



I.              Job Title:                                   INSTRUCTIONAL AIDE  (Classroom, Basic Skills, Bilingual, and Special Education)

II.            Unit Affiliation:                       PRESSA

III.         Reports To:                               Appropriate Administrator(s) and Classroom Teacher(s)

IV.          Major Responsibility:             Assists in the implementation of classroom activities under the direction and supervision of the certified classroom teacher, the principal, and other designated certified personnel

V.            Qualifications:                         A.        Hold or be eligible for a Mercer County substitute certificate (minimum of 60 college credits)

B.           Training in and successful experience with the education of students

C.            Knowledge of learning styles, teaching strategies, and techniques

D.            Knowledge of student growth and development and appropriate classroom practices

E.             Specialized skills and abilities related to the position held in the educational program (i.e., proficiency in computers, foreign language(s), American Sign Language, training in basic first aid, CPR, or Heimlich Maneuver, and experience with multicultural populations)

F.             Ability to relate to students in a patient and caring way while demonstrating a good sense of humor

G.            Ability to communicate effectively in written and spoken English

H.            Ability to take and follow directions

I.              Required criminal history background check, proof of U.S. citizenship or legal resident alien status, proof of acceptable Mantoux test results

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