Summer Clerical Assistant

Posted: Continuous 2011-06-01
Available: 07/01/2011 Closes: 06/10/2011
Central Office

Summer Clerical Assistant


$9.00 per hour not to exceed 25 hours per week


Fingerprinting required; print attached instructions and form to complete the process. 


If you have any questions contact Laurie Butler at 201-585-4615.

Fort Lee Public Schools

FORT LEE, NJ 07024
Suburban · Public

The Fort Lee School District is committed to providing challenging instruction for each student, differentiated to address his/her intellectual, social and emotional needs; to use best practices that engage students in relevant learning activities to provide them with the tools to become literate, productive, competitive and critically thinking members of our global society. During the 2006-2007 school year the faculty and administrative team developed this instructional vision statement to put into action our beliefs and goals for the education of children. Within the New Jersey School Report Card you will find indicators of progress the Fort Lee district is making toward achieving that lofty vision as well as toward achieving the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards within a fiscally responsible environment. I am happy to share many district highlights of our educational journey. The high school graduated 98.9% of our students. 97% went on to pursue higher education. The Fort Lee schools are represented at 7 (as freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors) Ivy League Schools as well as many of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the country. More than $4.9 million in scholarships were awarded to our graduating class of 2007. 100% of the students graduating from Fort Lee High School passed the HSPA, our New Jersey graduation assessment, either in their initial testing or through the SRA process. 65 students or almost one quarter of the senior class participated in Advanced Placement courses at the high school. Every student who participated in the AP program participated in their respective Advanced Placement test. 21 students were named to the list of AP Scholars, 8 with honors and 16 with distinction. The Academy of Finance graduated it¿s the first group of students to complete all three years of the program. The academy is part of a national organization to promote learning in the field of business education. During the summer, students participating in the academy serve internships with several Fortune 500 companies. These are outstanding opportunities to engage in relevant learning, to make business connections and to build work experiences that translate into future opportunities. To fulfill our belief that classroom instruction is the most important element of the education of a child, teachers in the Fort Lee schools are involved in extensive and rigorous professional development. Our teachers strive to improve their skills through attendance at district led courses in Language Arts, Brain Based Learning, and Multiple Intelligences to name a few. Teachers also attend local colleges and universities to pursue higher learning in their fields of instruction. The district is involved in two consortia with surrounding districts to further professional development opportunities. One is the MATRIX program focused on Math instruction at the middle school level. The second is the Washington Liberty Fellowship, where Fort Lee is the lead district, focused on History education across all grade levels. Lesley University provides extensive training for our primary grade teachers. Through the Literacy Collaborative program teachers in grades K-2 work with district literacy coordinators specially trained by Lesley to raise the level of literacy instruction provided to our students. In a partnership with Rutgers Literacy Center and the Center for Effective School Practices our district has extended the literacy initiative to provide writing training for faculty in grades 3 through 8. These professional development partnerships will continue in the upcoming year to support the ongoing enhancement of the instructional skills of the faculty. While the district recognizes that well trained teachers provide high quality instruction the district also supports the belief that teams are smarter than individuals. Teamwork is supported through the building of Learning Leadership Teams. Our teachers have been working together in various teams to share their talents and skills with one another. We see this so effectively implemented in our mentoring program, but we also see it in lesson study groups, curriculum mapping teams and grade level or department teams. Our teachers are sharing their collective experience to develop an Instructional Model to guide the district into the future with a focus on best practices in instruction. Technology continues to be a valued element of instruction. The district is committed to providing the resources and training to teachers to provide innovative opportunities for relevant instructions that motivates the students of our digital age. Across the district you can find classes engaged in lessons utilizing the internet for research, writing with word processing, digital art and media production. Students at the Middle School use software such, as Compass Learning, to develop their basic skills. Elementary students use Study Island to hone their reading and mathematics skills. High School students commonly use Geometers Sketchpad to visualize the theoretical foundations of geometry. A host of other software is available to students at all grade levels to enrich their educational experience. The district completed a pilot of a parent reporting system at the high school. The Genesis Parent Module will be opened to all families of high school students to enhance communication about student progress. The district has made improvements to the web site and continues to focus attention to using the internet and electronic resources to reach out to the community. Involved parents are still the mainstay of an educational system. Our active PTA¿s and other parent groups are valued for their support of the district and their input to promote positive growth of the district. We look forward to having you join in the ongoing efforts to keep the Fort Lee School District at the forefront of education.

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