EA - Over Enrollment/Lunch - (.21 FTE)

Posted: Continuous 2011-11-09
Closes: 11/11/2011
Longfellow Elem

Requirements:  Highly qualifed educational assistant status; ability to work with students one-to-one or in small groups; ability to assist the classroom teacher with daily tasks within the classroom.  Supervisory skills in the lunchroom and on the playground.


Must meet No Child Left Behind requirements of two years post-high education or higher, or be able to pass a standardized test approved by the State of South Dakota. 



.21 - 9 month position - Monday-Friday - 8.5 hours per wk


Job Description:

1.              Assists teacher in identifying student needs.

2.              Provides tutorial assistance for students in all classes.

3.              Prepares instruction and supplementary materials.

4.              Keeps records.

5.              Checks papers, workbooks, homework and tests.

6.              Assists students with makeup work.

7.              Maintains student confidentiality.

8.              Assists teachers in supervising students in the classroom.

9.              May be requested by administration to transport students using personal vehicle.

10.          Performs other duties as assigned by supervisors. May be some outdoor duty.

11.       Monitors and responds to student behavior at meal times.

12.       Reports incidents requiring discipline.

13.       Assists with playground equipment.

14.       Serves lunches, helps with clean up.

15.              Administers first aid.

16.              May be requested by administration to transport students using personal vehicle.

17.       Performs other duties as assigned.



Current EA's:

All current EA's please complete an internal application/transfer form


 Relay Services for Hearing Impaired:  Dial 711, then the desired number.

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