NEW SCHOOL INCUBATION Math, Academic Department Chair

Posted: Continuous 2011-12-22
TBD High Needs High School
High-Needs Location

Position: Math Academic Department Chair - INCUBATION

Reports to: Assistant Principal Curriculum & Instruction 

Purpose of the Position:  

Supervised by the Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Instruction, the Academic Department Chair (ADC) of Mathematics will work with his/her content area team of a particular high school to raise student achievement and attendance by providing collaborative, data driven, adaptive, and instructionally centered teacher leadership for the Mathematics Department. Academic Department Chairs are key leadership positions for ensuring that the turnaround school makes substantial gains in student academic achievement.   The Chair is expected to visit classrooms and perform post-observation conferences on a weekly basis in a manner that helps teachers improve their teaching practice.   Strong candidates are very comfortable with coaching other teachers, leading common planning meetings that use data to improve student achievement, and taking leadership and responsibility for all of the instructional leadership needs in the department.

Principal Accountabilities & General Responsibilities:

  • Promote a widely shared institutional belief that every child deserves and can have expert instruction
  • and that all team members must be advocates for students
  • Work as an active member of the Mathematics Team by actively engaging team members in improving 
  • instructional practices.
  • Work closely with the Team to analyze current classroom summative data and devise effective instructional re-teaching plans around student learning gaps to ensure students academic achievement.
  • Support the team’s teachers by continually observing the teachers in their classrooms and engaging in developmental post-conferences.
  • Support teachers in successfully implementing the school-wide instructional strategy of Reading Comprehension 
  • Continually reflect on and document the effectiveness of the Team’s (or individual teacher’s) re-teaching plans and making mid-course adjustments when necessary.
  • Participate in all school-based professional development and faculty meetings as a full-time member of the school community. 
  • Model excellent teaching and be willing to let others observe one’s own teaching
  • Fully participate in the Instructional Leadership Team model 
  • Facilitate focused, data-centered, healthy and effective common planning meetings
  • Ensure proper implementation of chosen curriculum for the content area team



  • Know how to use data to drive the instructional practices of a team of teachers
  • Ability to lead an effective team meeting centered around clear goals and objectives that relate to student achievement
  • Strong leadership, collaboration, and communication skills; ability to work with a diverse group of professionals around a clear goal 
  • Predisposition to be proactive and a self-starter; ability to stay several steps ahead and to anticipate and address problems before they develop; ability to troubleshoot and to devise targeted, ad hoc solutions
  • Willingness to take risks and propose solutions or strategies outside of traditional or current paradigms
  • Ability to develop strong, empathetic relationships with students and their families; to proactively connect with entire school community including home visits to at-risk students and their families and outreach to community-based organizations
  • Strong general knowledge of the population of students at risk of dropping out and experience with successful intervention strategies for these students; knowledge of student social and emotional development
  • 3 or more years of experience in an urban high school or related setting is strongly preferred
  • Experience leading and developing a team of adults around a particular student related instructional goal(s) with proven results is strongly preferred
  • Bachelor’s Degree (Master’s Degree and Type 75 Preferred)



More Information:

OSI has 7 Non-Negotiables that all personnel working in OSI schools are expected to authentically support.  Candidates should visit to learn more before deciding to move forward. All candidates must assess whether or not they are a good fit based on these non-negotiables:

1) A commitment to OSI values and a belief that our students can BEAT THE ODDS


3) Understanding and must illustrate through actions that our number 1 focus is increasing student skills as measured by EPAS test scores

4) A belief that strong connections with students are important and that social skills can be learned by committing to full implementation of the WELL MANAGED

    SCHOOLS MODEL and active participation as an ADVISOR

5) Willingness to support the BLOCK SCHEDULE

6) Authentic commitment to pre-planned and strategic PROFESSIONAL LEARNING both individually and in groups

7) A commitment to personally doing your part to ensure HEALTHY & HONEST COLLABORATION AMONG ADULTS”

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