Elementary Academically Talented Teacher

Posted: Continuous 2013-03-14
High-Needs Location
Minimum Qualifications: 1.  MA in Education or in the content areas of English or Math 2.  Valid Michigan teaching certificate in elementary Instruction 3.  Three (3) years successful teaching experience of the in-classroom component for academically talented students 4.  Must be Highly Qualified to teach content and be a tenured teacher 5.  Coursework or training sessions in cognitive and affective needs, identification/programming for academically talented students 6.  Knowledge and application of instructional strategies appropriate for academically talented 7.  Knowledge and application of challenging thinking at advanced cognitive levels 8.  Evidence of experience working successfully with academically talented or high achieving students 9.  Possess technology skills


Preferred Qualifications: 1.  Minor in Mathematics or English 2.  Experience in writing curriculum to meet the needs of academically/talented students 3.  Willingness to develop and implement a professional growth plan based on program needs 4.  Experience in providing instruction for cross-grade grouping with academically/talented students   Description: 

The Academically Talented program concentrates on developing critical and creative thinking in math and language arts to approximately 600 students who have been identified as having outstanding abilities.  In grades 2-6, the classroom teacher delivers the in-class component of the program four days per week.  The cluster component is delivered in nine buildings by Instructional Specialists for the Academically Talented.  Students in grades 3-5 meet with the specialists in clusters for instruction one hour per week.  In another model, students from seven buildings in grades 3-5 receive all day instruction at Community Education Center (CEC) from the instructional specialists.  Instructional specialists also provide a full day of instruction at Community Education Center (CEC) to an elite group of Avant Garde students in grades 5 and 6.


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