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Posted: Continuous 2012-01-11
Available: 01/11/2012

Content Area Expert Job Description


Expert Objective


An expert is a specialist in a specific content area and is responsible for the facilitation of online learning communities, creating and evaluating standards based learning artifacts and projects, and collaborating with adults and researchers (students) to develop learning opportunities in their area of expertise.


Job Qualifications


Experts must be highly qualified under NCLB and have a current/valid state teacher certification.


Experts must posses a working knowledge of state standards and content expectations in their area/s of concentration.


Experts must possess good online communication skills using a range of multimedia.


Experts must have the ability to develop standards based activities tailored to students’ interest to encourage individual engagement and success.


Experts must have ability to evaluate learning artifacts that express multiple forms of learning.


Experts must be computer literate with ability to build/seek web-based resources.


Job Tasks

Experts are expected to work collaboratively online with adults, researchers and in teams where appropriate.


Experts must comply with any and all directives pertaining to job performance and duties.  


Experts must attend required monthly content meetings, trainings, coaching sessions and periodic team meetings.


Experts work to encourage and support researchers in their learning by engaging in positive, asynchronous communications.


Experts facilitate learning opportunities that are focused in their own content areas while encouraging the researcher to work independently and keeping researchers mentor informed of their activities and communications.


Experts support the WAY Ethos and model by supporting and sharing their expertise with mentors and other adults in the community to help facilitate researchers’ learning. 


Experts evaluate researchers’ learning artifacts in order to award credit and provide constructivist feedback to encourage growth and learning.


Experts create engaging, multi-media, differentiated learning activities and projects in order to assist students in learning.


Experts must sign into the WAY Learning environment daily (7 Days) to be responsive to researchers needs and the needs of the communities supported.


Experts must adhere to all safety, security, and reporting procedures established by WAY Program.




Experts are compensated with a per diem rate.  The per diem rate varies by program location. The day’s work is measured by an expectation of productivity and the needs of the researchers (students) being met. 


An Expert may be employed for 1 to 5 days per week, dependent upon certification and needs of the learning community.  Days may be scaled and appropriate

compensation will be provided.




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