Part Time Special Ed Assistant

Posted: Continuous 2012-03-06
Available: ASAP Closes: 03/12/2012
Pomperaug Elementary School

TITLE :                     INSTRUCTIONAL AIDE / SPECIAL EDUCATION   (Elementary School)



Under the supervision of the Principal/Teacher/Asst. Dir., Student Services, assists in the instruction of special needs students (mentally and physically handicapped and learning disabled students) requiring patience, understanding, affection and firmness.



·          Assists the teacher and/or independently instructs students within small assigned groups or individually, making appropriate adaptations and modifications in academic, social, vocational and survival skills.

·          Works with students to maintain appropriate behavior in classroom and using behavioral modification techniques and charts, as appropriate.

·          Supervises students during non-academic activities including lunch, gym, recess, on field trips, in hallways, bathroom and buses.

·          Assists with student discipline using positive, "time out" approach, when appropriate.

·          Performs various clerical duties associated with classroom and mainstream, including correcting test papers, assists in LC/Inclusion, support of PT, OT and PE specials.

·          Operates various office equipment and classroom equipment including audio visual, personal computer for Claris and Board maker software, Alpha Smart, Power School, etc.

·          Performs self help tasks involving bathroom and personal care.

·          Uses appropriate techniques for lifting and transferring physically handicapped students.

·          Assists the teacher with informal student assessment, may attend PPT, copies IEP report cards, and assists with record keeping for instructional and/or behavioral programs.

·          May substitute for absent teacher, monitoring class, use alternative communications, such as sign language or BESB for blind students; may submit modifications for curriculum and documentation, if requested.

·          Performs other related duties as assigned.



·          Knowledge of the requirements, practices and procedures involved to instruct special needs students both in small groups and individually.

·          Skill and sensitivity to work with mentally and physically handicapped or learning disabled students requiring patience, understanding, affection and firmness.

·          Knowledge in the operation of a personal computer utilizing software application, Mac School, and other office and instructional equipment.

·          Ability to perform clerical duties.

·          Ability to perform physical requirements when lifting or transferring physically handicapped students.

·          Ability to discipline students in a positive but firm manner when required.

·          Ability to supervise special needs students during non-academic activities.

·          Ability to informally assess student behavior and recommend improvements.

·          Ability to substitute and monitor classes in the absence of the teacher.

·          Ability to deal tactfully and effectively with others.



Operates a personal computer, Mac School, audio visual equipment, copier, fax machine, laminator, typewriter and other standard office equipment.



Must be able to sit or stand at an assigned location, walk long halls on different floors, work continuously for extended periods of time, bending, reaching, lifting and transferring physically handicapped students



Graduation from high school plus specialized training and 6-9 months of related experience or equivalent.

Pomperaug Regional School District 15

286 Whittemore Rd.
Middlebury, CT 06762
Suburban · Public

The towns of Southbury & Middlebury, Connecticut are located in New Haven County in a beautiful suburban setting between Hartford and New York City. Our district of approximately 4,500 students has a strong reputation for educational excellence. Pomperaug Regional High School is a four year comprehensive high school. Pomperaug High School was recognized by Newsweek Magazine as being one of the nation’s top 5% in advanced placement course participation and performance.

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