Speech Language Pathologist

Posted: Continuous 2012-03-12
Available: 08/20/2012
High-Needs Location

Signing Bonus applies to this position:


$2,000 First year

$1,000 Second year

$500.00 Third year



Position start date:  August 20, 2012

A. Education Level: Meet certification requirements as established by the

   state of South Dakota. Master’s degree in Speech Pathology, M.A., CCC



B. Experience Desired: Have knowledge in implementation of Individual

   Education plan process, special education law, and 504 Rehabilitation Act

   of 1973 and implementation of 504 plans.


C. Other Requirements: Possess excellent oral and written communication

   skills. Have ability to be flexible in working with students in all grade

   levels and subject areas. Have skills in human relations, leadership and

   conflict management. Have knowledge of teaching techniques that meet

   the diverse needs of students. Have training in assessment and

   interpretation of information. Public school experience preferred

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