Student Information Systems Specialist

Posted: Continuous 2012-03-13
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Education Association of Round Lake



This position is accountable for gathering, compiling, and reporting student data to meet the District's State and Federal reporting requirements, and assisting the Student Information Systems Manager in supporting student data base management.



  1. Four (4) years of experience in information technology analysis involving student information systems. Computer or network operations, production control, systems development, Skyward, Access, SQL, and Excel experience a plus.

Substitutions Allowed:

  1. College training in computer science, information systems, business or a closely related field may be substituted for the General Experience on the basis of fifteen (15) semester hours equaling one half (1/2) year of experience to a maximum of two (2) years for an Associate’s Degree.


  1. Knowledge of Skyward student information systems databases;
  2. Knowledge of and ability to use web-based software;
  3. Knowledge of State and Federal education student data reporting processes and requirements;
  4. Knowledge of Microsoft Office – Word, Excel and Access
  5. Knowledge of data entry methods, procedures and equipment;
  6. Knowledge of Microsoft Office – Word, Excel and Access
  7. Knowledge of applications, functions and procedures related to area and specific equipment;
  8. Interpersonal skills;
  9. Computer skills;
  10. Oral and written communication skills including the ability to present training;
  11. Ability to type 60 words per minute;
  12. Technical writing ability;
  13. Ability to maintain records;
  14. Clerical ability;
  15. Ability to follow written and oral instructions;
  16. Ability to work with individuals from diverse backgrounds.


Supervises and trains clerical staff as assigned



The following identifies the primary and essential functions of the position and is not intended to be an exhaustive listing of all duties. 

  1. Helps SIS Manager meet deadlines for all mandated State and Federal reporting requirements including but not limited to Federal Child Count, LEP and Economic Indicator, NWEA, NCLB/AYP, Carl Perkins and Discipline Event;
  2. Enters, changes, corrects, updates and retrieves information; organizes and prepares work for input and distribution;
  3. Assists with Student Information System (SIS) Web page development and maintenance;
  4. Represents department at meetings;
  5. Assists in insuring the security of student data base systems e.g. Skyward security module;
  6. Assists Business and Operations Division and other District staff with student billing processes and requirements;
  7. Assists in the development of procedures as required;
  8. Assists in the oversight and maintenance of the Document Development System program.
  9. Prepares and maintains department procedures and manuals;
  10. Sets up equipment;
  11. Instructs others in procedures and machine operation;
  12. Maintains logs and records;
  13. Maintains file of source documents and storage media;
  14. Maintains communications with other divisions to ensure accuracy in reporting, controlling and distributing information;
  15. Determines or recommends how information will be processed (e.g. option determination);
  16. Makes recommendations regarding best method for entry, updating and report generation;
  17. Establishes and maintains procedures for effective work flow;
  18. Applies knowledge of work being processed to correct system edit errors;
  19. Determines most efficient methods for obtaining information;
  20. Formats source document layout with affected personnel;
  21. Trains backups or users in operation of equipment and procedures;
  22. May transfer information onto tapes or other recording media;
  23. May determine and key in job parameters to be used;
  24. May program data entry equipment;
  25. May plan and schedule work to be entered;
  26. May operate other data entry equipment or related equipment such as EAM or optical scanning equipment;
  27. Performs related duties as required.


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