Dean of Students

Posted: Continuous 2012-03-13
Available: 2012-13 School year Closes: Until Filled





The Dean of Students will work to build meaningful relationships with students and families to promote appropriate school behaviors, develop social and emotional learning competencies and help students meet with school success.  They will also implement and monitor prescribed interventions to address all discipline issues in a fair and just manner.  The Dean of Students will report to the High School Principal.


The filling of this position is based upon continued funding in the Board of Education budget.  



The individual selected for the Dean of Students will confer with family members, teachers, and the support staff to develop plans to promote and encourage acceptable student behavior.  The following duties may be assigned by the principal:

       Assist in the resolution of conflicts between students.

       Monitor the daily attendance reports to identify and respond to situations regarding excessive absences from and lateness to school.

       Confer with families, teachers, and support staff to develop plans to promote improved attendance to school and class.

       Prepare for student appeals as part of the attendance policy process.

       Communicate with students, teachers, administrators, parents, the counseling staff, school nurses, security guards police department personnel, probations officers and others regarding attendance and disciplinary matters.

       Communicate effectively via memo, letter, phone, e-mail and conference to the central office personnel, principal and guidance counselor.

       Maintain accurate records of all student discipline problems and interventions.

       Works with community and governmental agencies on problems relating to drug abuse, discipline problems and truancy from school.




       Current Connecticut Teaching Certificate.

       Successful experience as a secondary teacher.

       Demonstrate the ability to work with "at risk" students both in individual and group settings.

       A record of positive interaction with students.

       Knowledge of present practice of current trends in social emotional learning, character education, service learning, conflict resolution and discipline.

       Experience developing, interpreting, and implementing effective programs in the area of social emotional learning, character education and services learning.

       Effective interpersonal and human relations skills.

       Evidence of ability to work cooperatively with students, administrators, teachers, parents, and community groups.

       Be in good health.



Three (3) years



Teachers workday plus one (1) hour per day

Teachers work year plus five (5) days




The salary for this position is subject to contract provisions in accordance with the current teachers' contract. 



The following are needed:

1. complete Online application

2. Letter of Interest

3. Official transcripts (graduate and undergraduate).

4. Current letters of recommendation (three (3) suggested).

5. Proof of Connecticut certification.


Note:  Applicants from within the school district need only complete the online application


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