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            The Assistant Principal shall be a graduate of a recognized college or university and shall meet the requirements for certification as set by the State Board of Education and the School Laws of the State of New Jersey.




            Upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools, the Assistant Principal shall be initially appointed by a majority vote of the Board of Education and shall achieve tenure in accordance with applicable law.


DUTIES:        The Assistant Principal Shall:


1.                  Work directly with the Principal, teachers, parents and students on all matters of school conduct and discipline through implementation of the Board of Education approved disciplinary policies, regulations, and procedures.

2.                  Keep appropriate records of all student interviews regarding discipline problems and present and incident report to the Principal when requested.

3.                  Initiate all correspondence to the home regarding discipline matters and maintain a file of such correspondence.

4.                  Notify parents of any major discipline case by means of a telephone conversation, a letter, a meeting, or any combination thereof.

5.                  Recommend suspension of a child from school to the Principal when this action is deemed necessary and report suspensions to the Central Office utilizing the Violence and Vandalism Report where required.

6.                  Review daily attendance and work with the nurse, the attendance officer, and/or guidance counselors with respect to attendance problems including truancy.

7.                  Review and verify absence excuses.

8.                  Keep accurate records of the student tardies and implement appropriate Board of Education Policy.

9.                  Work with the county probation office, the Division of Youth and Family Services, the school SRO’s or any other police or governmental agency as the need arises.

10.              Observe and evaluate staff members as directed by the Principal. 

11.              Assist the Principal in curriculum and staff development as needed.

12.              Work with the custodial staff on school maintenance and general appearances of the school.

13.              Liaison with cafeteria personnel and management.

14.              Support, assist, and evaluate Class Advisors as needed.

15.              In collaboration with the Supervisor of Guidance, assume responsibility for the Master Schedule including room and duty assignments.

16.              Orient and supervise daily substitute teachers, aides, and office personnel.

17.              Arrange for internal class coverage as needed.

18.              Observe and evaluate co-curricular supervision assignments as directed by the Principal.

19.              Schedule special programs including but not limited to assemblies, student elections, the SDA show, bus evacuation drills, building evacuation drills, and fire drills.

20.              Participate in budget preparation as directed by the Principal.

21.              Supervise the delivery, storage, distribution, and inventory of general supplies.

22.              Administer student locker assignment, adjustment and corrections as needed.

23.              Administer automobile parking including assignment of parking spaces as well as the authorization and revocation of student parking permits.

24.              Supervise outside areas and school busses especially during arrival, departure and lunch times.

25.              Supervise hallways and common areas during class changes.

26.              Assist the Principal in the revision of the Administrative Handbook.

27.              On the Middle School level, supervise the cafeteria/playground supervisors.

28.              Act in place of the Principal in the Principal’s absence from the building or as directed by the Principal at community or evening events wherein the Principal is to be represented.

29.              Assist in staff interviews as directed by the Principal.

30.              Perform such other duties as are assigned by the Principal.



Approved:   N-280

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