Temp. Special Education Teacher - Beginning 9/10/12 through 6/7/13

Posted: Continuous 2012-03-29
Fishers High School





QUALIFICATIONS:             As set by state certification standards



EMPLOYMENT:        Contracts, compensations and expectations will be consistent                                      with state statue, Board policy, administrative regulations and

                                    negotiated agreement.          





Teacher of Record Responsibilities :


1.          Perform annual case reviews for each student.


2.          Maintain communication with parents.


3.          Maintain communication with general education teachers.


4.          Make program recommendations based on individual   student educational needs.


Provide a classroom environment that enables students with disabilities to make educational progress :


1.          Work with students according to specific Individual Education Plan services.


2.          Provide one on one and group instruction to students in the special education resource setting and general education classroom.


3.          Provide clear and consistent behavior strategies to assist students with emotional disabilities reach their individual behavior goals.


4.          Provide instructional assistants with proper materials and resources needed to assist students in both the general and special education setting.


Work in conjunction with building principals and deans to provide appropriate structure and consequences for students who demonstrate inappropriate behavior :


1.          Implement Functional Behavior Assessments and Behavior plans for individual students.        



1.          Nurture a positive relationship with super-ordinates, subordinates and peers.


2.          Demonstrate respect for super-ordinates, subordinates and peers.


3.          Support corporation decisions and direction relative to matters of policy and administrative directives.   Work as a team player.


4.          Demonstrate ability to deal with sensitive issues in a tactful and professional manner.


5.          Address concerns and offer suggestions in an appropriate and confidential manner.

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