Para Educator for Deaf/Blind for ESY Summer Program Temp At Will Position

Posted: Continuous 2012-04-02
Available: 06/11/2012 Closes: Open Until Filled
Administrative Service Center (Central Office)

Duties & Responsibilities:  (Essential Functions of Position, Major Responsibilities, Summary of Key Duties, Special Assignments, Relationships)

·    1. This position will work with a deaf/blind student during ESY.

·    2.  Supervise the arrival and departure of student.

·    3.  Ability to take initiative and follow through with directions.

·    4. Must help implement lessons based on IEPs and student data for academic, social skills, behavior, and/or daily living skills.

·    5. Must be able to assist in the implementation of  IEP's..

·    6. Follow direction given by HI Teacher of ESY program .

·    7. Assist with data collection regarding behavior, academic, and/or daily living skills on a daily basis, as student attends..

·    8.  Must be willing to physically assist students, manage behavior, and help with academic skills and acitivites

·    9. Must be able to lift, feed, toilet, change, and assit with daily hygiene need.


Physical Requirements of Position:  (HBV   Yes   No)


Special Qualification Desired:  (Personal Qualities, Education, Skills Needed, Experience, Etc.)

1.  Positive feeling about all special needs students.

2.  Ability to work with students with special learning needs.

3.  Recognition of the need of confidentiality with respect to students and parents.

4.  Ability to work collaboratively with teachers and staff.

5.  Must have a great attendance record.

6.  Ability to analyze given situation and respond appropriately

7.  Must be able to interact appropriately with all students as a potpourri of assistance ss required

8.  Must be a team player to assist in all aspects needed within the classroom, cafeteria, hallway, as examples

9.  Must have good "people" skills to work with students, others in the classroom and the building

10.Experience with students with special needs

11. Previous experience with deaf/blind student preferred.


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