ESY Summer School Computer Assistant (3 Positions)

Posted: Continuous 2012-04-03
Closes: 04/17/2012
Glenwood, Juarez, Brookside
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ESY Summer School Support Staff

3 Computer Assistants

Pending enrollment and grant funding



The 2012 Summer School Program will begin at each site on June 18<sup>th</sup> and will continue until July 19<sup>th</sup>.  Students will be in attendance for 4.5 hours daily.  Support staff will work 5 hours daily Monday through Thursday.  (15 minutes before the start of the school day and 15 minutes at the end of the school day).  There will be no school on Fridays or on July 4<sup>th</sup>. 

Support staff professional development will be conducted on June 12, 13, and 14.  Attendance is mandatory at all professional development sessions.


Support Staff will be paid the contractual rate.  Federal and State withholding will be taken from the amount earned.  Absences or tardiness will result in a decreased amount as indicated in this job description. 

Locations:  Glenwood 8:00 - 1:00 Prek - 3rd, Juarez 7:15 - 12:15 4th - 8th, WHS 9th - 12th


Responsibilities:  (1) Help prepare materials to create and sustain a positive classroom and school environment for children; (2) Attend meetings scheduled by the site coordinator and program coordinator; (3) Participate in all program evaluations; (4) Help monitor student attendance; (5) Demonstrate positive interpersonal interaction with students and parents; (6) Assist teachers and/or administrators with communication efforts; (7) Attend to specific student needs as directed by teachers and/or administrators; (8) Help monitor student achievement and instructional needs; (9) Perform other duties as requested by teachers and/or program administrator.

Failure to fulfill these duties and responsibilities may result in dismissal from the program.  No more than two days can be missed without jeopardizing dismissal and termination of the contract unless extenuating circumstances prevail. A penalty of $75 per day of instruction will be deducted from the agreement for any school day missed.  An hourly rate of $15 per hour will be deducted for each hour or partial hour missed.  This includes time before and after the start and end of the school day and all professional development sessions.  In the event that a minimum class size is not maintained, the support staff is subject to release from their contract.  The support staff will be paid for each day of service prior to the day of release.


Salary:  Teacher Assistant: $10.51/ Computer Assistant: $10.92


Application Deadline:  Candidates must submit an online application to be received by April 17, 2012




Only applications that are received online will be considered for interviews

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