Educational Assistant - Part Time

Posted: Continuous 2012-04-03
Emerson Elementary



Position Title:                 Educational Assistant - Special Education                                                                        

Supervisor:                    Case Manager and/or Assigned Special Education/General        

                                    Education Teachers


Evaluator:                      Principal - Elementary, Middle School   

                                    Special Education Department Chairperson - High School


Primary Function:           To assist students by performing duties initiated and supervised by the

                                    classroom teacher and case manager.   

                                    When possible, work with other students in need of

                                    assistance after needs of assigned students have been met.     


Major Responsibilities:


1.       Instructional:

         •       Work with classroom teachers and special education staff to implement

                 goals, modifications, and adaptations for each included student

         •       Reinforce skills previously taught by teachers

         •       Model and assist in shaping appropriate behaviors and positively

                 reinforce desired student behaviors

         •       Help to establish classroom routines for inclusion students under the guidance of

                 teaching staff and assist in carrying them out

         •       Demonstrate a proficiency with technological skills as needed to assist

                 inclusion students

                 Perform all clerical duties as assigned

·        Assist in the implementation of a functional skills based curriculum

·        Assist with movement of students and with supervision of activities

·        Accompany instructional and inclusion students to special classes (art, music,

                physical education) and assist with modifications as necessary

·        Shadow student on the job

·        Provide job coaching under the direction of the vocational coordinator                            

         •       Assist students with activities of everyday life that they are unable to perform

                 themselves, such as:

                        Toilet students throughout the day and assist with feminine hygiene

                        Diaper students

                        Feed students that need assistance and/or supervise

                        Physically assist with student movement, positioning and transfers, with prior

                        training by OT/PT (ie lifting, use of stair chairs)

                        Physically assist with dressing and undressing students for PE classes

                        Assist in the swimming pool for students who need help

                        When assigned, physically redirect student per student's program

          ·    Assist students on field trips

·    Supervise students on playground as needed


2.       Interpersonal Skills:

         •       Maintain an effective working relationship with classroom teachers and

                 all special education personnel

         •       Assist special education team in problem identification and problem solving

         •       Provide information to the case manager for communication with parents

         •       Provide information and data to teachers regarding student performance on

                 predetermined tasks as it relates to the individual education program (IEP)

         •       Participate in meetings, as requested, to provide input on modifications, strategies,

                 problems and progress of students

         •       Demonstrate flexibility in working with students and classroom teachers


3.       Organizational:

·    Assemble and prepare needed materials

·    Clean and sanitize materials to meet health standards

·    Assist in the preparation of classroom materials

·         Operate equipment


4.      Supervision:

·        Observe and supervise students in the school and on job sites

·        Assist children on and off bus


5.      Other:

·        Seek assistance from case manager/general education teacher when clarification

                  of a task is needed

·        Participate in appropriate workshops and in-service training as required, i.e.

                student movement, physical redirection, behavior intervention plan

·         Complete other tasks related to the job as assigned by the supervisor




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Elmhurst, IL 60126
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