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Music - Classroom - 1.0 FTE

Posted: Continuous 2012-04-04
Available: 08/03/12

Position:        Music Teacher

Reports to:      Principal

Contract:        190 days – New Teacher

                  187 days – Returning Teacher


I.        General Responsibilities


The music teacher is responsible for the implementation of the district music curriculum in a way that maximizes student learning.  The music teacher is responsible for the supervision and evaluation of all students within his/her teaching assignment.


II.         Examples of Duties


A.   Instructional Process

1.     Writes & implements long-range plans which incorporate district/course curricular objectives.

a.     Establishes a performance calendar.

b.     Establishes procedures with attendance area schools to encourage student participation.

1.     Writes & implements daily plans which incorporate district/course curricular objectives.

2.     Plans & implements plans to address the needs of individuals and/or small groups of students.

a.     Encourages students to perform solos and in small ensembles.

b.     Selects a variety of music literature.

c.     Assists students in learning to function effectively within a group.

d.     Promotes transfer of instruments to develop balanced instrumentation.

3.     Incorporates curricular revisions & new programs into instruction.


B.            Organization and Management

1.     Organizes the classroom for efficient use of instructional time.

2.     Has supplies, materials & equipment available for use.

3.     Keeps student records and permanent folders current and readily available for teacher, student or parent reference.

4.     Maintains information for classroom management.


C.          Instruction

1.     Demonstrates a knowledge of subject area and the ability to convey it to the students.

a.     Conducting techniques communicates tempo, style & expressive elements of music.

b.     Demonstrates proper voice and instrument technique.

2.     Demonstrates the ability to organize information for logical presentations.

3.     Teaches to the objective and uses a variety of materials.

4.     Demonstrates effective presentation skills and styles, which reflect curricular objectives.


5.     Focuses students for instruction.

   a.   Develops desirable rehearsal and individual practice habits.

6.     Provides for all students to be actively involved in a lesson.

7.     Monitors student responses and adjusts instruction accordingly.

   a.   Corrects performance errors in a positive, encouraging manner.

8.     Uses reinforcement to influence positive behavior.

9.     Presents clear, legible and precise directions.

10.  Provides guided and independent practice.

11.  Applies appropriate closure in a lesson presentation.

12.  Maintains, administers and utilizes tests as an instructional tool.

13.  Evaluates students’ work and communicates progress.

14.  Uses principles of learning, which promote memory and recall.


D.          The Classroom Climate

1.     Creates a physical environment conducive to learning.

2.     Creates an emotional atmosphere conducive to learning.

3.     Maintains classroom control.

4.     Promotes development of self-control in students.

5.     Promotes positive self-concept.


E.          Professional Relations

1.     Demonstrates sound professional judgment.

2.     Maintains a positive attitude.

3.     Interacts positively with other staff members.

4.     Interacts positively with community and parents.

5.     Meets assigned district and building responsibilities.

6.     Seeks professional growth.

7.     Works to complete building, district, and board of education goals.


III.        Qualifications

Valid Kansas Teaching License.


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