School Social Worker - Long Term Substitute - Part-time

Posted: Continuous 2012-11-14
Available: 12/03/2012
Oswego School District #308

School Social Worker

Job Description


TITLE: School Social Worker


QUALIFICATIONS: Type 73 Illinois Certificate as a School Social Worker


REPORTS TO: Director of Special Education, Assistant Director and/or



FUNCTION: To provide school social work services to and on behalf of students

three to twenty-one so that social/emotional and adaptive

development can be enhanced.



A. Services to Students and Parents

   1. Performs casework and group work services with students to correct these personal, social or

      emotional maladjustments related to their educational and social progress.

   2. Performs casework service with parents as an internal part of the task of helping students to

      increase the parents’ understanding of their constructive participation in resolving their child’s

      problems and their knowledge and use of appropriate available resources.

   3. Conducts in-service training for parents and students.

B. Work with School Personnel

   1. Consults and collaborates with other school personnel in gathering and giving information on

      a case and in establishing and planning for respective roles in the modification of the student’s


   2. Participates in the case study evaluation process by obtaining and/or reviewing information

      relative to social history, adaptive behavior and cultural background.

   3. Consults and collaborates with appropriate school personnel regarding the referral of students

      for prevention and intervention strategies as well as for the referral of students to school district,

      special education cooperative and various out-of-school agencies as necessary.

   4. Participates in countywide preschool screenings.

   5. Conducts in-service training for teachers and administrators.

   6. Facilitates the accurate maintenance of school records for use by school staff members,

      outside agencies and parents as required by law, district and Kendall County Special Education

      Cooperative policy.

C. Competency in Methods and Practice

   1. Communicates effectively, verbally and in writing with members of the IEP team, building

      administration and staff, and Cooperative administrative staff.

   2. Organizes time, energy and workload in order to meet responsibilities and complete

      assignments with due consideration for the priorities among the various responsibilities.

   3. Maintains a clear sense of overall goals, objectives and tasks of a school social worker and

      successfully interprets these to school personnel to maintain primary professional activities and


   4. Prepares timely written social histories, including child interviews, observations, intelligence

      and achievement materials, which systematically appraise the pupil’s ability to learn.

   5. Participates in team meetings and IEP conferences including pre-referral interventions,

      placements, IEP’s and annual reviews.

   6. Provides the school with essential information about pupil’s intelligence and achievement so

      school personnel can better accommodate individual student needs.

   7. Teaches content and skills to assigned students utilizing best practices, curriculums and

      courses of study.

   8. Strives to improve professional expertise in area of specialization.

   9. Helps identify and assess social and emotional difficulties of children that interfere with their

      attendance, adjustment and achievement in school.

   10. Takes all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials and

      facilities while meeting accepted standards of professional behavior.

   11. Observes and follows all Kendall County Special Education Cooperative policies and


   12. Exhibits professionalism and commitment through punctuality and attendance.

   13. Participates and performs in other duties as assigned by Kendall County Special Education

      Cooperative administration.

D. School/Community Relations

   1. Functions as a liaison with school, community, family and student when indicated, to link

      school and community services.

   2. Establishes and maintains open, positive lines of communication with students and their

      parents concerning both academics and behavior.

   3. Assists the administration in upholding and enforcing school rules and policies.


EVALUATION: Formal and informal observation, field evaluations and conferences shall

occur as needed or desired by the professional staff member or administrator and shall be an ongoing


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