Alternative Education Facilitator

Posted: Continuous 2013-02-01
Available: ASAP Closes: 02/08/2013

STARTING DATE :                                 As Soon As Possible


SALARY RANGE :                                  $52,000 - $77,000     


TERM OF EMPLOYMENT :                     12 month position - IMRF




1.       Bachelors required

2.       Certified teacher with 3-5 years in education

3.       Experience using e2020 preferred

4.       Excellent organizational and project management skills

5.       Strong interpersonal and intrapersonal skills

6.       Excellent written and oral communication skills

7.       Ability to manage multiple priorities

8.       Ability to work with a linguistically and culturally diverse public

9.       Strong leadership and motivation skills

10.   Flexibility for evening hours





Under the supervision of the Director of Secondary Programs of East Aurora School District 131, the Alternative Education Facilitator work enhance and evaluate our current cost and academic effectiveness of our alternative schools and/or programs within District 131.  


1.       Monitors academic effectiveness among alternative schools and/or programs for the purpose of improving student academic success and ensuring district objectives are achieved.

2.       Conduct ongoing cost analysis and program evaluation of current alternative schools and/or programs

3.       Collaborates with others (e.g. school personnel, district administrators, parents, students, community organizations, etc.) for the purpose of implementing and/or maintaining alternative services and/or programs.

4.       Monitors projects, grants and programs for the purpose of ensuring that services comply with district, state and federal requirements.

5.       Makes recommendations for program improvements and grant opportunities for the purpose of meeting District goals.

6.       Develops long and short range plans for alternative schools and/or programs.

7.       Updating the Student Information System with attendance and grades for alternative schools and/or programs as needed.

8.       Provide technical support for Education 2020 software and associated hardware for staff, students and administrators.

9.       Customize academic courses and provide guidance for building and specific grade level implementation and monitoring of Education 2020.

10.   Provide ongoing support and professional training for Education 2020.

11.   Gather appropriate data, and prepare appropriate reports, for the Director of Secondary Programs and the School Board.

12.   Work with the various building staff to create and maintain a structured, studious, supportive environment, during the school year as well as for summer school.

13.   To work with district staff to plan and implement technology and software related training for the faculty and staff to take place on an ongoing basis.

14.   Other responsibilities as assigned by the Director of Secondary Programs





District Administrators require the following items for their review. To have a complete application these documents must be received up to 4:00 pm on February 8, 2013. Submit files electronically.   Please do not send paper documents.


A.      Online application -

B.      Letter of Interest




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