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                                                                                                                        File Code:  6.050








1.          Possesses high school diploma or equivalent training/experience.


2.          Has previous experience in custodial-type work.


3.          Holds a valid State of New Jersey driver's license for Board of Education



4.          Possesses a New Jersey Black Seal Low Pressure Boiler License or is able

            to qualify for such within one year of employment and maintain this license

            thereafter on a yearly basis.


5.          Is in good health and able to meet the demands of the position including, but not limited to being able to lift a minimum of 75 pounds.


6.          Successfully completes required criminal history proof of U.S. citizenship or legal resident status .


7.          Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate

            and/or acceptable.


REPORTS TO:                     Head Custodian/School Business Administrator or designee.


JOB GOAL:                           To provide a safe, clean and comfortable school environment.




1.          Work Performance/Work Traits


            a.         Cleans floors of classrooms, offices, special rooms, corridors, stairs,

                        entrances, lobbies and cafeteria, as assigned.


            b.         Removes debris on sidewalks leading to building, or as assigned.


            c.         Sweeps, dry mops, wet mops, vacuums, shampoos, strips, seals, and

                        waxes floors, as assigned.


            d.         Cleans and disinfects daily the drinking fountains, bathroom floors,

                        bowls, seats, and urinals in restrooms, as assigned.


            e.         Fills paper and soap dispensers in assigned areas, as needed.


            f.          Tests water level on each boiler daily in accordance with preventative maintenance procedures and maintains a log book for boiler operation in   assigned building.


            g.         Services boiler as directed in accordance with preventive maintenance          procedures.


            h.         Cleans univents and filters as needed and in accordance with   preventative maintenance procedures.


            i.          Oils and services all motors and mechanical equipment in areas          assigned in accordance with preventative maintenance procedures.


            j.          Regulates heat, ventilation and air conditioning systems to provide

                        temperatures appropriate to the seasons in accordance with preventative      maintenance procedures.


            k.         Performs preventative maintenance in accordance with established     district procedures.


            l.          Opens classroom doors and entrance doors prior to the start of the      school day or closes doors and windows and secures lights prior to     leaving post daily in accordance with established schedule.


            m.        Moves furniture and equipment within the building as directed by the    principal or head custodian.


            n.         Stores supplies and delivers supplies to teachers as directed.


            o.         Performs light maintenance and painting tasks, as needed and directed.


            p.         Cleans glass of lobby and entrance doors as required.


            q.         Sets up, breaks down, and cleans the cafeteria/all-purpose room as



            r.          Shovels, plows and/or sands walks, driveways, parking areas and steps

                        as directed.


            s.         Remains on the school premises during work hours and unless otherwise authorized.


            t.          Follows established procedures to ensure staff and student safety in the         building (i.e., Locks specified doors to limit building access once school        is in session).


            u.         Displays the U.S. flag during school hours on days when school is in    session.



            v.         Obeys all fire and environmental laws and regulations relating to the     plant operation.


            w.        Removes trash and other materials from school grounds in accordance          with established schedule.


3.          Professional Improvement


                        Participates in staff development opportunities to enhance job-related

                        skills and knowledge.


4.          Other Assigned Tasks


                        Performs such other duties as may be assigned by the Head Custodian

                        or the School Business Administrator/School Board Secretary or



TERMS OF                            Twelve-month year.  Salary as established by the

EMPLOYMENT:                   negotiated Agreement between the Holmdel Township Board of Education and the Holmdel Township Education Association.


EVALUATION:                      Performance will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of Board's policy and the terms of the Agreement. between the Holmdel Township Board of Education and the Holmdel Township Education Association.



SOURCE:               Regular Board Meeting

DATE:                      March 17, 1993

REVISED:               June 14, 1995




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