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Frontline Recruiting & Hiring + K12JobSpot helps employers connect with over one million candidates to help fill the toughest school/district positions.

Get more candidates to your school:

Post unlimited jobs

Post Unlimited Jobs

There is no limit to the number of positions you can post, providing an unbeatable value for your school.

--- --- Find candidates fast

Find Candidates Fast

Take job postings further with messaging. Send messages to lists of educators meeting your job requirements to generate interest.

Track applicant process

Track Applicant Process

Instantly know where candidates stand in the process, customize and manage applications, and store required documents in applicant folders.

check Post unlimited positions
check Customize your listings
check Easy resume review
check Help from a dedicated consultant

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Frontline Recruiting & Hiring + K12JobSpot gives you access to the best educator database online.

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Reach and keep the best educators, build your district’s future.

Imagine the perfect candidate for an opening in your school. What skills do they bring to the table? How do they shape and support student learning? That educator exists somewhere — and now, it’s time to go out and find them.

Frontline Recruiting & Hiring helps you overcome the teacher shortage and fill your applicant pools with the candidates you want to see working in your schools. And with the complete Frontline Recruiting & Hiring solution, you can be sure that your hiring process supports both you and your people: from finding and hiring the best candidates,to getting them fully trained and ready for work.

"In Cabot, we’re all about getting the best teachers for our kids. Having an applicant software system that recruits some of those teachers from very strong districts, we’re able to recruit and retain quality teachers.” — Lisa Baker, Personnel Director
Recruit in your sleep

Recruit in your sleep

Recruiting proactively is easy with K12JobSpot for employers and Frontline Recruiting & Hiring.

Run on Auto-pilot

Customized, automated campaigns work even when you’re not, continually reaching out to new job-seekers meeting your needs.

Cast the Widest Net

Search through the largest database of K-12 educators, admins and service personnel to fill even the most difficult positions.

Add a Personal Touch

Encourage applicants to explore opportunities in your district by sending personalized application invitations. Show them you are interested in them as much as they are interested in you.

Find Deeper Interest

Search for candidates where you are or reach out to educators across the country who have shown an interest in relocating.

Certified and ready

Say good-bye to unqualified candidates and lengthy, inefficient hiring timelines. Frontline Recruiting & Hiring gives you access to 500,000+ certified teachers and streamlines the application review process.

Put stacks of paper resumes in the past

Easily sort and filter to find the best candidates.

Make it Snappy

Manage interview scheduling and leverage automated workflows to move candidates through the hiring process in record time.

Prepare for Ongoing Success

Help new hires prepare for their first day with on-demand, online onboarding and safety trainings.

Certified and ready

Fill more positions with Frontline Recruiting & Hiring + K12JobSpot